The EP release Party

A great thank you to everyone who joined the celebration of my debut CD „Mini Disc“. I had a wonderful time and it was all because of you guys!
From the start of my first set there was a lovely and warm atmosphere which made it very easy to perform the songs featured on „Mini Disc“ in a good way. After the break I presented some new and older songs to you, some of whom will be heard of on the next albums to come.

Even after a few days time it still feels surreal to think about the great support and ovations provided by you guys that night. I want to especially thank Evan Beltran and Robin Schäfer for helping me with setting up the stage and for mixing my me while I was on stage.

After all the joy and fun of that night it is now time to think about the next steps that follow for Flow, which might include a small tour to celebrate the new EP further, but also the preparations for yet another CD to come out by the end of 2017. As always I will keep you guys update about any progress in that direction.

Thank you guys again for making the release concert one of the greatest gigs I ever had the priviledge to play. All the support and love are highly appreciated.

Much Love