Summer Concerts in Wipperfürth and Schwarzenbruck

What´s up partypeople? Summer had a lot in store for Flow, especially with the biggest concerts being a show in Wipperfürth in August and a festival in Schwarzenbruck, Bayern in September.

Wipperfürth started out as a laid back bar concert that was supposed to last for about three hours. By the end of the set the crowd went crazy and wouldn´t allow the music to end so I pulled out a few extra songs to play for a total of five hours in the end 😀

It was a great feeling to get so much support and love from the crowd over the whole night in a beautiful athmosphere right at the marketplace in Wipperfürth at the bar Platz 16.

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The festival in Schwarzenbruck turned out to be a shlightly chaotic but lovely hippie festival deep in the bavarian woods. Apart from a few technical difficulties it was great experience to perform for a young and open minded crowd and to present my new set, including a loop station for the first time.

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After all, summer was great for Flow, now let´s go for a great autumn as well!

Check the events page for upcoming gigs 🙂