Flow Shows and the EP

Hey guys, there´s some good news for everyone who likes some Flow-Music every once in a while. The months of September and October have been quite nice for me and I´ve played several shows, some solo and some with band. Apart from great fun and the opportunity to introduce some of my new songs to the public, they have provided a great deal of inspiration and motivation to finally start the next big project that´s coming – the production of my very first EP.

I have started out by selecting the songs which might possibly end up on the EP, keeping in mind that I want it to be a singer/songwriter album only, so basically you won´t hear anything but my voice and guitar. On the one hand this means that I stick to the style and sound that I have been known for for the last couple of years on the other hands it means that a few of the groovier and kinda rockish songs won´t make it onto Flow´s debut album. But if you´re especially fond of those songs like for example „Shake It Out“, don´t worry. There will be a time when those are gonna be recorded, too and it won´t take long after the first piece of Flow-Music has made its appearance.

So after most of the songs had been selected I started to put together the right setup of location, microphones, recording software etc. to have a nice and comfortable, yet professional environment to get the recording done.
Right now I´m recording the first guitar tracks and if all goes well they should be done by the end of the year. Until then I wish you guys all the best, have a good time and brace yourselves, because winter is coming! 😉

Much love