Flow News and a Save the Date for November 18th 2017

Good day ladies and gentlemen. After „recovering“ from the events around the release of „Mini Disc“ and testing out some new songs and tunes at several sessions in and around Cologne, I am back on track with my next project.

As previously mentioned I am currently working on my second EP. Compared to „Mini Disc“ it will not be a Singer/Songwriter CD but an EP that takes me back to my roots which are more in the Funk, Rock and Alternative Music. Since the tracks and music are still work in progress, I don´t want to give away too much information yet, but there is already an important date to save by everyone who is interested not only in Flow Music but in great live music in general.

On November 18th 2017 there will be a joined EP Release Party at the MTC Cologne of my three great friends Robin Sheperd, Evan Beltran a.k.a. The Strangest, Cristobal Argandona and myself. You will be a witness to four incredible performances, since everyone of us will release a new EP that night.

So after all you will have one concert with four great acts plus a huge aftershow party with professionell Djs on Saturday November 18th. Needless to say that this is something you should not miss out on 🙂

Further informations about the concert can be found in the „Events“ rider on my page and also on my Facebook artist page.

Much Love