Back from NYC

Hey guys. My time in New York City is over and the first thing I can say about the city – it is massive! Especially in the first days you´ll have the tendency to feel totally lost and tiny.

But after a while being a small wheel in this huge grooving and vibing machine starts feeling pretty exciting. Finding your way in New York is easy because most of the streets have numbers and are built in geometrical schemes. So at some point you´ll start flowing trough the city with ease, exploring, tasting and listening to all the things that make New York City New York City. You can sit in the sun in one of the many parks throughout the city, listening to Jazz combos that are playing their hearts out for a couple of bucks (if you’re nice enough to pay) or while playing some music yourself, sometimes alone, sometimes with new people that you will meet, well, everywhere. You can get so much different food here – please don´t get fries and burgers at KFC or Mc Donald´s! There many great little restaurants and bars who will serve food from breakfast over lunch to dinner. And don´t miss out on the guys who sell their food out on the street, their stuff is delicious. And also a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant every day. Yeah, New York is expensive as sh*t. But if you can appreciate and enjoy what it offers in return, it´s still worth it.

I´ve experienced quite a few open mic sessions with super weird and wonderful performances, reaching from music and stand up comedy over acted improv scetches to a girl who had a molly trip on stage. But in retrospective on of my regrets is to not have known anyone in NYC before going there, because the best sessions and parties were the ones that the locals would invite you to and not those that you could look up on yelp (yeah, no kidding :-)). So, no matter how you do it, make some friends in New York before actually going there and you won´t need like one or two weeks until you get inroduced to the cool kids in town 😉

One last tip for now. If you ever go to New York City, don´t go there for three days only to see timesquare, Rockefeller Center and Lady Liberty. Go there for at least two weeks and don´t stay at a hotel on 7th street, live in a shared flat in Brooklyn, the East Village or Harlem (if you´re a baller). Experience the real city and the real people, not the tourist version of it.

Also, don´t make too many plans – flow along. The coolest things will happen to you, if you just let go and see where the city takes you. If people dance on a street festival, dance with them. If they invite you to hang out later on, say yes. And if you´re in a bar with them, don´t stop meeting new people there – they might stay out longer 😀

Much love